Dlink WiFi Special

Dlink WiFi Special

Are you living in a rented property and not able to drill holes in walls? Do you live in
an old historical building were drilling would also not be an option? If you want to get
rid of cable clutter, then the Dlink WiFi Special we are currently running will be the
ideal solution for you. Use wireless connections in your home or office for quick setup
and moves to another location.

To start you off, we have the Dlink WiFi router allowing for the sharing of a 3G/LTE
network connection via a 3G data dongle (not included). With really simple setup
procedure, you can be up and running within 30 minutes from the time you open the
box. You are able to setup a secure wireless connection as well as have 4 x 10/100
mbps LAN cabled ports.

Once you have your wireless network setup in your home or office you may need to
have larger coverage. To achieve this without the need for running network cables in
your home of office, you could use your existing electrical wiring system to extend
your wireless coverage and have a network point in a remote room or office. This
can be done using Dlink WiFi Extender and Powerline AV adapters. These nifty units
give you 1 x 10/100 ethernet port and WiFi speeds of up to 200 mbps.

Prices valid while stocks last.

Image of Dlink WiFi router

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